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Just because I rock doesn't mean I'm made of stone.
Fuck you, The Mist.
Fuck you, Hollywood, and your goddamn "I have to be edgy" twist endings.
Fuck you, The Mist.
Fuck you Frank Darabont. Fuck you and your ending.

I'm not even a parent and that fucking ending made me want to cry.
Fuck you, The Mist.

Other than that ending, it was a good movie.

But still, fuck you The Mist, and fuck you Frank Darabont.

And while I'm at it, fuck you Stephen King for letting them change the ending to THAT.
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Yesterday after I left work, things took a turn for the surreal.

I left my office and walked down the street towards the parking lot while on the phone with J, so I didn't really notice what was waiting for me there until I arrived and it slapped me in the face.
My car, among others, was surrounded by police cars and the DO NOT CROSS - POLICE LINE tape. There were at least 7 cop cars there and about twelve cops and a few detectives.
When I strolled up, I talked to a nearby cop and pointed out my car to him. He said that unfortunately I couldn't leave because there had been some incident, some blood had been found and that until they figured out the situation our cars couldn't be moved. While I waited, I called J and let her know what had happened.

There really wasn't anything else I could do at that point but wait, so I took off my jacket and pulled out my ipod, putting it in my pocket for easy access if I wanted to listen to it.

Maybe ten or fifteen minutes later, the cop came back to give me an update. There had been a stabbing, and the apparent victim had driven themselves to USC medical center. He added that if the person should expire, that it was likely I wouldn't be able to take the car until as late as 3 am.

At this point I'm trying to wait around in the hopes that this would resolve and I could take the car and leave, but I'm also thinking about how I'm gonna get out of here if I can't get the car. The bus, while not ideal, was an option; I could go back to the office and have J pick me up; as a last resort I could call wombat and maybe hang out at his place for a bit since it was nearby.

While I'm measuring out my options, I decide to start walking around and taking a look at the scene since a pretty large area was roped off, and I finally understood.
From where I had been standing, I couldn't see it, but upon closer inspection the ground behind the civic and the adjacent cars was covered with blood droplets. EVERYWHERE. I would guess at minimum it was an 8 foot square area that somebody had bled all over.
I recalled that earlier I had seen a guy talking to the cops and they pointed out a black mustang three spaces down from mine, and earlier I had seen a detective pointing at various spots on it, so I went around to get a better view. And what a view it was.
The bloody knife was still on the ground there next to the driver's side door.

Nothing much happened after that - I waited around and they eventually let me take the car and leave. It was about an hour I spent out there.

So that's it right? I go home and no problems?

I get to our street only to find it blocked by a police cruiser, so I go down to the next street and come around to approach the house from behind. Our house is on the corner and the street is blocked at the intersection by two police cars. There are lots of onlookers and tons of cops roaming around. I was just happy to find everybody safe. When I got inside, I asked J about it and she said a couple guys had just been shot halfway down the block less than ten minutes before.

I settled down and had a beer while I worked on my illustrator project for this week.

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I just got an update from my contact in the program about the recipient of my marrow. She told me the update she received stated that he is doing well, that my cells are engrafting and starting to reproduce, and that he's been released from the hospital.

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Yesterday before I left work I was reading a thread on SA called "wesome Mashups?" and was reading about what mashups are, since I'd never heard of this before.
Near as I can tell, it's taking two songs that have similar attributes and making them into one song, using the primary backing melody with the lyrics of the other song, however also including some of the lyrics of the other song and some of the primary melody of the song the lyrics are being taken from...
That's a pretty awful description.

Anyway, I didn't get to check them out when I got home last night and forgot about going to listen to them since the majority of the links were on youtube, which I can't view at work. But the thread was still open in the browser when I got in this morning, so I downloaded one of the links. It was called Rocket Mon In Dub. It was super interesting and really cool, but it came down to Rocket Man redone with different chords and in a different style since I'd never heard the backing song.

But FUCK. I'm listening to some other stuff right now, and my GOD it changes the songs so much it's like listening to completely different songs.
The first one that made me go, "Whoa. Holy shit that is awesome was a mashup of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" and Madonna's "Ray of Light". Right now I'm listening to a mashup of Bjork and Linkin Park. I know the Linkin Park song but not the Bjork song, and it's still an amazing reexperience of the song.

I don't know. Maybe you guys might not like it, but I think this shit is amazing. This stuff's going on my ipod for sure.
Here's a couple links:

The Site I'm currently Listening to - http://goodblimey.com/tunes/

The SA Thread with a bunch of links to other mashups

You're welcome.

E: Oh my god! Beyonce vs. Doobie Brothers! "Crazy Train Runnin" LOL
Duran Duran vs. Avril Lavigne "Hungry Like the S8r Wolf" ROFL

I also want to note that while some are totally and completely amazing, some are not so great.
And some combinations are just unholy abominations.
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LFGcomic, my absolute favorite webcomic has made an animation and jesus christ it's the most awesome fucking thing EVER.

LFG Comic
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I was trying to find an ad I saw yesterday on a billboard that has the simpsons from behind facing a movie screens that says "Down in front", but I couldn't find it and wound up going to wikipedia to read which actors do what voices since I had been wondering about it recently.
In particular I had been curious about who Tress MacNeille voiced since I recently found out that she did the voices of Dot from Animaniacs and Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons.

Anyway, I stumbled across this article. The Top Eleven Simpsons Musical Numbers

Whether or not I agree with his selections or rankings, reading it made me laugh and realize that I actually knew at least most of the words to every song on that list.

We are the mediocre presidents
you won't find our portraits on dollars or on cents
there's Taylor, there's Tyler, there's Fillmore and there's Hayes...
there's William Henry Harrison - "I died in thirty days!"
We - are - the
Occasionally regrettable
Caretaker presidents of the U-S-A!
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I immediately feel ten times better than I have these past couple of weeks.

It's weird - I had been looking forward to those two weeks off from school after the quarter ended, but when it actually did, I was pretty sad.
After class last night, I just felt better. I felt energized again, the way I did after every perspective drawing class. It was a good refreshing feeling.

Every class I've had so far, the professor gives us a breakdown of what we're going to learn in that class and the skills that we'll be developing, and it's weird how all these things are stuff I've tried to work on independently. It's like I've spent my whole life preparing for this. And it's awesome.
Also, about five or six guys from my perspective drawing class are in this class with me, so that's pretty cool.

It's going to be a tough quarter with three nights of classes in a row, but it looks like I'll be enjoying the first class I've had so far, and hopefully tonight's and tomorrow's will be just as good.

In contrast, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was far from good. I won't go into detail about it yet as most of you probably haven't seen it, but my major complaint again is about characters. I can say this safely I think: Casting is awesome. Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange was awesomesauce. The girl cast for Luna was fantastic. Tonks looked like a pretty good choice too.
And then the characters were given 3 lines each in the movie. What a waste.
I put this on par with the first or second movie in terms of quality. :(
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Delicious chocolate truffle mmmmm

Mood: happy yummmm

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I was dancing
With your shadow
Slow down memories hall
I said, "wait. have I been seduced and forgotten?"
You said, "baby, haven’t we all!"
Now I don’t like crying
Because it only gets me wet
But I can’t help failing
To remember to forget you
And I know it’s gonna be a long time

And I’m crying like a church on monday
Praying for these feelings to go away
So do me a favor baby
Put down your new god
And love me like sunday again

I was hiding in your bedroom
When I saw him come inside
I can’t live in his shadow
Is that where I’m dancing untill I die
Now I don’t light candles
Because they make me see the light
That I can’t help failing
To remember to forget you
And I know it’s gonna be a long time

And I’m crying like a church on monday
Praying for these feelings to go away
So do me a favor baby
Put down your new god
And love me like sunday again

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Music: "Crying Like A Church On Monday" - New Radicals

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I am now relegated to my new laptop. This wouldn't be (and really isn't) so bad, except that what I was going to do instead for the meanwhile was play Fable, which I just purchased the other day.

Laptop is running Vista. Fable won't run on my computer. There is no solution available at this time. At least WoW works. But while trying to view ytmnd.com, Firefox has crashed like 8 times so far.
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